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    • Q: Where can I get the FOAM filters for the OWNPETS® Pet Drinking Fountain, 2.3L/0.6Gal Pet Water Dispenser? The link on your Q & A page goes to the cotton filters (for the 3.0L fountain). I found the cotton filters for the 2.3L fountain, but it doesn't include the foam filter.
    • A: Please kindly check the below link for purchase.
      Link: Replacement Filters
    • Q: DC31 dog collar vibration mode does not work, both collar and transmitter is fully charged and paired. Is this a bad receiver? What do I need to do to get a new receiver?
    • A: Please kindly fully charge the remote and the receiver. Then, hit the reset button to try it again. In order to confirm the item model, please send a email with order number to our customer service (cs@i-ownpets.com), we will try our best to serve you. Please rest assured.
    • Q: Our collar has 2 sets of prongs, 1 short set and 1 longer set. What is the difference?
    • A: The short set is better for short-haired dog, while the longer set is better for shaggy dog.
    • Q: My Pettech collar will beep, but it wont vibrate or shock. How do I troubleshoot it?
    • A: Please kindly turn up vibrate or shock level, make sure it is not on 0.
    • Q: What is the clear plastic piece with the fuse and wiring imbedded, no picture in the manual and nothing about it anywhere.
    • A: It is the test bulb. You can simply put it to the probe of the receiver to test if the shock function work or not. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.
    • Q: How do I test the collar DC16A to be sure it is working properly? It came with a tester however, there were no instructions regarding testing it. I see the wires and the light in the tester but just placing it on the collar doesn't do anything.
    • A: You can simply put the tester in the receiver which can install metal probes. Then, please turn on the collar and choose any shock level. If electrified, the light will light up.
    • Q: Why is the collar buzzing while it is charging?
    • A: The excess of electricity may cause the collar buzzing. If it is not very loud, which are probably normal when charging. Please rest assured. If it is loud, please kindly contact our customer service for further help.
    • Q: Just got this collar about a month ago and it seems to beep I it's own. Why is that? Is it supposed to do that because it makes me nervous to use it.
    • A: Some of the collars are not waterproof, please usually pay attention to keep them away from water. In order to solve this case better, please kindly send us your order number to cs@i-ownpets.com. We will surely solve your problem at once. Please rest assured.
    • Q: My pet reacts strongly and has become fearful.What should I do?
    • A: Dear Customer, This can happen if the static correction level is too high. Start out using the LOWEST level of correction and increase if needed. If your pet remains fearful, stop training for a few days. Remember to always end your training sessions with positive reinforcement and play.
    • Q: Is the dog collar difficult to set up and run?
    • A: Dear Customer, Our product is made to be very easy to understand and simple to set up. All set up questions can be found in included guide.
    • Q: Can I use your dog collar on an aggressive dog?
    • A: Dear Customer, We do not recommend any of our products to be used on an aggressive dog, or a dog with behavioral issues.
    • Q: Can my dog wear the collar all the time?
    • A: No. Make sure your dog does not wear the containment collar for more than 8-12 hours per day. Carefully check his neck everyday for signs of irritation. You can position the collar receiver probes in different positions on his neck to help prevent irritation and soreness.
    • Q: Is my dog too big or too little to wear your collar?
    • A: Dear Customer, It does not matter the age or size of your pet, as long as they weigh over 8 pounds.
    • Q: How long will the battery last?
    • A: Dear Customer, Battery life depends on how much the device is used. It typically lasts for 1-3 months.

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